Coffee art at a local coffee place. This picture is part of the Friday Coffee Date from the Pure Taste Blog. Grab a coffee or tea and join me there for some weekly features, offerings, and some discussion. See you there!

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Hi, my beautiful friends,

Hot days are over, and fall is officially here! All windows and heart are open for the fresh breeze, warm colors, inspiration, and joy fall always brings!

During fall even the hard work doesn’t make me feel exhausted. The sense of calmness, the warm colors and warm food always give the romantic touch to life. The idea of having a hot cup of tea with cookies in the middle of the day soothes me. And this is what gives me energy and inspiration to move forward throughout the day.

It is magical how each person has a favorite season. Mine is definitely autumn. What is yours? When do you feel comfort, joy, and happiness the most?

While I haven’t finished my coffee here are my weekly offerings.

Today’s Friday Coffee Date Features:

Beauty: Fall is the time when you need to rethink your beauty routine. The 50 Best Tips for Glowing Skin has plenty of great advices I always follow. Except for dry brushing.

Food for the brains: Considering the number of events nowadays, problems, speeches, etc. filtering the information is crucial. Watch this honest How to seek truth in the era of fake news TED Talk to have some general idea regarding the fake news.

Lifehack: Don’t waste your used coffee ground, reuse it. 16 Creative Ways to Use Old Coffee Grounds offers some amazing ideas.

For your soul: We live in the busy world and very often we miss opportunities to create our lifetime moments.  This The Power of Moments inspired me to look differently at everyday life. You can, and you should create moments for yourself and loved ones whenever you feel it.

Artistic: Lochner | Carmichael account reminds me of a museum. The amazing and inspiring account that pushes the limits to see things differently.

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That is it for now. Just a couple of casual sharings. But do take the fake news problem seriously. Do not let someone fool with your ideas and beliefs.

I wish you an inspiring and positive weekend.

Lots of love,