Spending morning with cup of coffee in local café. This picture is part of the Friday Coffee Date from the Pure Taste Blog. Grab a coffee or tea and join me there for some fun and discussion.

Hey there,

Little change in weekly posts. Before it was Weekend Planner, where I shared what I did on day offs. But I didn’t feel so much connection with you. Plus, you guys are coming to my blog from so many countries so sharing what I do in MA doesn’t make any sense.

So let me introduce the new category – Friday Coffee Date. Every Friday I share some weekly highlights like the things I learned, the book I’m reading, the movie to watch, my thoughts and opinion about event or article, handy life tips and trick, beauty secrets, and all the things we usually talk about on coffee dates.

It should be a fun and an awesome way to connect with you and share a part of my life routine.

Let’s dive in into the first Friday Coffee Date, shall we?!

  • The song I keep singing in my head LP – Lost On You. The way she whistles is soooo sexy…
  • Watched Larry Crowne movie.  Very simple and sincere comedy/drama. Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts are as always fantastic and so natural. A one-time see movie to relax and unwind.
  • I had no idea breastfeeding was illegal in some states until NOW 2018! That took some time… Such a natural thing made women feel ashamed and scared to do in public. Of course, it is a personal preference of how you want to do it covered or uncovered. But definitely, no one has a right to judge the breastfeeding mother. And those who do, please, remember once you were a child and you’ve been breastfed the same way.
  • Currently reading: Forty Studies that Changed Psychology by Roger R. Hock. I’ve been reading this book for a VERY long time. Because not only I’m wondering while reading it but I’m also trying to understand the way we think, dream, act, etc. This is a great book for a general understanding of human nature.
  • Never too late to learn some safe, non-toxic sunscreens: The Best Sunscreens of 2018 (and Toxic Ones to Avoid). The list also includes safe kids sunscreens options! Better for your skin – Better for the ocean!
  • Is it too crazy to crave for a big slice of good old-fashioned rich chocolate cake during summer? Choosing between CHOCOLATE NUTELLA LAYER CAKE and safer choice my own Baileys Chocolate Cake.
  • Getting ready for the weekend with this Best Margarita Mix And Classic Margarita.

Will stop here. Because I hate those posts with tons of links and enormous text. It’s coffee date after all, not dinner talk.

Will think of the ways to shape this category into something fun and useful. So let’s call this one a draft 😉.

If you have any suggestions for this category, share them in comments.

And also don’t be shy to add your comments on anything above. Whether you agree or disagree, like or dislike things I post, say it out loud. Otherwise, I won’t hear it!

Enjoy the last month of summer, my friends!

Lots of love,