This Weekend Planner Ladies Weekend Edition is mostly for ladies, but men are always welcome here. In this weekend planner, I want to share with you the spring beauty ritual I do every year. When during April I do all the ladies stuff. It is good for your feminine strength, body, and mind.

This Weekend Planner Ladies Weekend Edition is mostly for ladies, but men are always welcome here. In this weekend planner, I want to share with you the spring beauty ritual I do every year. When during March and April I do all the ladies stuff. It is good for your feminine strength, body, and mind.

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Life sometimes can get very busy. Kids, work, studying, business and another daily routine can suck all your time, energy and youth. The first two things we ladies sacrifice are our body beauty (I mean the whole body from head to toe) and healthy eating (lots of takeouts).

I can live with the takeout since there are plenty of healthy options nowadays. But I’m always doing my best not to forget about my body beauty.

We all are busy and constantly have important things to do but taking care of yourself is no less important than other things. Try to find time JUST for yourself and treat yourself nicely. You can devote the entire weekend for yourself or spread things out for the next couple of weeks. I like to spread things out to enjoy every single step slowly.

I can’t stress that enough how crucial it is to love and treat yourself. The beauty for sure comes and shines from within, but you also have to take care of the body you’ve been given. As always it is about the balance. Take good care of both your inner and outer beauty, and you will shine like a star in the sky.

One of the best things that ever happened to me is that I’m a woman. That is the way all females should feel.

~ Marilyn Monroe

I put a lot of thoughts on how to inspire you to try the ladies spring self-care routine and decided to create two plans. You may choose the one that suits you better or design your own. Everything is in the order I usually do and sometimes the way they should be done. Because never go after the facial peel to a sauna for example 😉


My Yearly Spring Beauty Routine:

  1. I start with shopping. Do an old-fashioned Grab a friend or mom and go to a mall. Try things on, talk with the salesperson, browse through all the fabrics, textures, styles. Have fun and try on ridiculous things. Have a break and sip a coffee at the café. Then keep searching for a couple of your new favorite outfits. The feeling when you try and fall in love with the cloth is much better than sitting at the computer, browsing, ordering and then wait…
  2. The next thing is to take care of the whole body. I don’t splurge on massages and expensive spa salon treatments, not budget friendly for me at the moment. But I found a new whole body routine that I’m in love with. Book a sauna or steam room. As Ukrainian, I’m used to this kind of things. It may be new to you though. I can guarantee after the sauna you will be refreshed, tired, good tired and pampered. The best part, your skin will be as soft as baby skin.

Things I always do at sauna:

  • Deep hair conditioning
  • Body exfoliation either with the natural exfoliator or natural loofah
  • Face exfoliation followed by a facial mask
  • Finishing all with a rich natural moisturizer from head to toe

Let me know in comment section if you like to know the brands I use.

  1. Now schedule a deep facial cleaning. I like to do peels during spring. First, to remove all the dead skin from winter. Second, when the heating season is off the face heals much faster after the peel. Third, it is a perfect time to remove all the dead skin once again and prep it for the summer time to let your skin glow and be kissed by the sun. Facials can sometimes be very expensive, depending on the salon and the quality of products they use there. I don’t have to tell you that this is not where you want to go cheap, right? The face is your business card so when searching for the place read the reviews. Ask if the place offers a free consultation. Check them out, talk with the esthetician. If you like the place and staff, then develop a plan with them and book an appointment. Of course, you can check Groupon to see if there is anything good. But I recommend asking friends and family if they know and trust the place they go to. Or the better alternative to Groupon is Gilt City. You can find good salons for a discounted rate there. Depending on your face condition you may need a couple of visits.Everything is individual. But I highly recommend at least one deep facial cleansing.
  2. Let your face recover from deep cleansing. Have a relaxed day-off at home. Open a bottle of wine, order your favorite food and watch your favorite movies.
  3. Meanwhile, call and book a haircut with deep conditioning. Winter and heating are sucking all the life out of the hair. To renew it cut all the dead ends and deep condition your hair. Bring back the shine and life to it. If deep conditioning at the salon is over your budget, then do it at home. Have a haircut, and next day give your hair some love. You need to buy deep conditioner or hair mask, preferable natural, and a shower cap. Wash your head follow the hair mask instruction, tie hair in a knob, and cover your head with a shower Put on the towel or shower hair towel and let the magic do its thing. Wash the hair and touch, and touch your hair again and again. It will be super soft, shiny and healthy.
  4. Now optional thing. Salon manicure or pedicure. This is obviously the best thing to skip. But if you have some extra money left, then do it.
  5. Now you are super clean with baby-like skin. The face is glowing and screaming how healthy it is. The haircut looks good on you. The hair is like ocean waves, silky, smooth and soft. Put on your new cloth and head over to your favorite food spot. This is ALWAYS the way I finish my ritual. I mean common you have to show the world your beauty, right? A small tip, this is not the time to check the new place. Go to your favorite spot: restaurant, café, bar, club, etc. Finish the ritual the right way. You know the place; you like it, it will make you happy. The new place can be a disappointing experience, and this is not the way it should end.

Budget-Friendly Ladies Spring Beauty Plan:

  1. Still, do a shopping. Maybe set a budget and narrow down the list to about three Three is enough to feel good and happy and to freshen up your closet.
  2. Instead of sauna or steam room take a couple of baths. Buy a natural bath salt or make a DIY one. But still follow the body cleansing ritual: deep hair conditioning, body exfoliation either with the natural exfoliator or natural loofah, face exfoliation and mask, and finishing all with a rich natural moisturizer from head to toe.
  3. I still highly recommend doing a salon deep facial. You can omit or reduce the rest, but facial care is essential during springtime. Take advantage of Groupon and gilt city.
  4. Once again have a relaxed day-off at home with my previous suggestions.
  5. Haircut at the salon, but deep hair conditioning at home. Follow the instruction from the previous plan.
  6. Make a manicure and pedicure at home. Buy a new spring color nail polish, and you are good to go.
  7. Since you saved a lot of money by doing a lot of things at home still go to your favorite food spot. If this is not an option, then go to your favorite place. It can be a park, hiking trail, museum, movie theater so many options… Choose something that you love and enjoy.

So there you have two plans to choose from. Do make at least couple of things from the lists. It is very important to love and take proper care of yourself. If you don’t take good care of yourself then who will?

And as always below are a couple of my offering to read, check and watch.

Weekend Planner Ladies Weekend Edition:

  • As mentioned above Groupon and Gilt City is the place where you can save money on spa salons. I still strongly recommend checking with friends and family first for their suggestions.
  • Getting ready for the spring shopping and shoes are on my list. I love walking and hiking. The comfort of my feet is my #1 priority for these activities. Why The Shoes You Wear While Walking Are Super Important will help you decide what shoes are right for you. I’m a big fan of Skechers. They make my feet happy, and I already bought a pair for this season.
  • I recently discovered Fabletics. They sell the best quality yoga pants! I’m a quality freak and honestly have never had better sports outfits until now. And I’m not even a leggings fan! HIGHLY recommend to check them out. Plus, for new clients, they offer 2 leggings for $24.
  • To continue self-care routine this The 50 Best Tips for Glowing Skin article has a couple of pretty good advices.
  • Since we are talking about beauty this week, then Pretty Woman is a must-see movie. Fun fact for you. The scene where Richard Gere closes the box with the expensive jewelry was his impromptu. But Julia Roberts’ laugh was so real and authentic that filmmakers decided to keep the scene.
  • I love this commercial. The way this gentleman describes her…

That is it for this Ladies Weekend Edition. I’ll see you next Friday with the new weekly planner.

Have a relaxed, self-loving weekend, lovely ladies!


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