Weekend planner things to do and thoughts to share is a post where I share my weekly highlights. I hope you will find here some inspiration and new ideas how to spend your weekend, day-off or a date night. I also share some useful information to make our lives better, healthier and filled with fun and happiness. And always feel free to share your ideas in the comment section. Let’s make our weekends more fun, relaxed and inspirational.

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Hello, weekenders,

How was your week? Mine was both busy and mellow. The spring stuck somewhere and rainy days ain’t helping the mood.

I work from home so for me spending weekends outside of the house is crucial. But sometimes with all the rush, I simply want to stay at home, cuddle on the sofa with a glass of wine and a good movie. This helps my body and mind rest, calm down and reenergize.

Social Media are filled with the beautiful lifestyles nowadays. Somehow we started picturing that this is what life should look like. But it is not. We all are different. Our mood changes every day, so does the mind and body. Don’t let social media to oppress and fool you. Do what your mind and body are asking at the moment. If it is staying at home, then stay. If it is to call someone and have half a day conversation, then do this as well. Maybe cuddle with the book you always wanted to read. Or spend the whole day doing your hobby. And If you feel like going out, then put on some cloth and get out.

That is why I created the Weekend Planner where I share my real life. Whether it is fancy, or smart, or staying in your PJs all day over the weekend, I share everything.

So this weekend was very simple, yet calm and relaxed. Past Sunday was an Orthodox Easter that we celebrate. I baked the traditional Paska (sweet bread), colored eggs and made a nice dinner to celebrate Easter. We went for a walk, had a long talk with the family, had dinner with very delicious wine and watched Ukrainian comedy show. It was a beautiful day.

Next day we did some spring house cleaning, which all my body and mind protested 🤨😏. But after everything was done, the house looked refreshed and cleaned. This made my mind calm and free of clutter.

By the end of the day, we were so tired that decided to stay at home. We opened one more wine bottle and watched The Lincoln Lawyer. My husband enjoyed this movie more than I did, but I liked it too. Matthew McConaughey as always is great in this movie. I like this actor and have a couple of my all-time favorite movies with him.

This is pretty much all that happened during our weekend. Even though we didn’t do anything special, but I feel calm, relaxed and centered now.

Such weekend reminds me how quiet days are as important as spending outside time. Never fear to let your mind and body rest at home. In the end, home is where our energy is. Bringing some quietness and stillness is essential.

As always below are some of my offerings to go through the weekend.

Weekend Planner Things To Do and Thoughts To Share:

  1. Movie to watch: The Lincoln Lawyer with Matthew McConaughey. I enjoyed it. I wouldn’t say I will watch it again, but this is a good one time see thriller.
  2. Back to spring cleaning. If you haven’t switched to Nontoxic Home Cleaners yet, please do it. So much nasty stuff you inhale from them not to mention if it gets onto your skin. Here are some suggestions: 7 mbg-Approved Nontoxic Home Cleaners To Use On Everything. I use and love Seventh Generation, Dr. Bronner’s and Mrs. Meyer’s.
  3. If you want to do deep spring cleaning this weekend then this 20 Things You Should Deep Clean This Spring will help you develop a plan. And this The Best Printable Spring Cleaning Checklists will help you through your cleaning process.
  4. After all the cleaning take a Chakra-Balancing Ritual Bath. You will feel relaxed and refreshed after it.
  5. To center your mind and body read this Working On Strengthening Your Alignment? Here Are 9 Rules To Live By.
  6. And try my all-time favorite Best Easy Yoga For Stress Relief  Unwind & Let Go yoga practice to release all the stress and body tension.
  7. And lastly, spring is the season when I buy a lot of flowers. This 15 Flower Hacks To Make Your Home More Beautiful has some unique tips and tricks.

That is it for this weekend.  See you next Friday.

Enjoy your weekend whether it is staying at home or going out. Balance is a key, my friend 😉

Lots of Love,