Weekend planner things to do and thoughts to share is a post where I share my weekly highlights. I hope you will find here some inspiration and new ideas how to spend your weekend, day-off or a date night. I also share some useful information to make our lives better, healthier and filled with fun and happiness. And always feel free to share your ideas in the comment section. Let’s make our weekends more fun, relaxed and inspirational.

Beautiful white cherry blossom. This picture is a part of Weekend Planner Things To Do post from The Pure Taste Blog.

Photo by Isaac Cabezas on Unsplash

Hi there,

Complains about the cold spring stopped. Instead, we have 90 degrees in Boston. Add some occasional showers, and you can hardly breathe. So careful what you wish for 😉

This week was mixed emotions week.

I finally finished the 5 Leftover Rotisserie Chicken Recipes project and super happy about it. I love the idea from the beginning and exciting to share the final project with you. Let me know what you think and if you want more mini projects like this.

We had a beautiful day watching cherry blossoms. Now I’m happy and inspired. We live in MA for nine years now, and only this year we learned there is the whole bunch of cherry trees in Arnold Arboretum. Google to see if there is a hidden gem in your state. It is a lovely and inspiring spring moment to watch. Bonus, you don’t have to drive to Washington, DC. We’ve been there two times. The first was amazing experience long time ago, about seven years I believe. The second time was two years ago. We spent about 30 minutes among trees and ran away. People are EVERYWHERE! You can hardly get to the tree to smell or see it closer. Very crowded!

Planned and went for a hike. The plan was to climb on top of the mountain, had a picnic watching the sunset and go home renewed and inspired. BUT by the time we got to the parking, the rain started which I’m OK with. I love rain and getting wet and soggy under the warm rain is my kind of thing. But oh boy the rain woke up so many little beasts, INSECTS. Waving your arms in all direction to stop insects from getting into open parts of you: eyes, nose, mouth even ears is ruing the whole listening and feeling the wood’s life plan! I was strong and thought I could do it. Hell, I’m stronger then tiny insects. Apparently, not. After half an hour of insects attacks, we gave up. Found the picnic table, had our sandwiches and left the place.

Hiking failure is one of the proofs that no matter how well you plan things, life will still make the corrections. And this worked out well for us.

I needed to think fast of something to cover the hike failure. On the way home from the hike the Tully commercial was on the radio. I checked AMC theaters, and there was an early premiere in Framingham AMC. Without much thinking, we changed the exit and went for it.

After the Shape of the Water, this is the best movie this year! A real movie about reality. I was laughing, thinking, remembering my babysitting experience, and many other emotions I felt during this movie. I enjoyed every single minute of it. Charlize Theron is phenomenal. The movie felt like I’m watching a real life of somebody else not on a screen but as a real viewer. Raw, uncovered, unconcealed life that it so hidden nowadays. No one talks about the actual life, all the hassle, the troubles and down times we all have.  But Diablo Cody does, and I’m thankful to her for it. Must see movie for women and men of all ages. There is something to learn for every couple or young adults who are about to start a serious relationship.

As you can see pretty busy week I had. I guess I need one more day-off to chill and do nothing 😊

As always below are my offerings of things to do this weekend.

Weekend Planner Things To Do:

  • If it is not too late google the cherry blossom in your state to see if you have botanical gardens or parks filled with this beauty. If not still go somewhere to see a different kind of blooms. It is such a breathtaking spring moment.
  • If weather allows, and I highly recommend checking the weather from the story above, go for a long hike. If you are intermediate hiker climb the mountain and watch the sunset. Don’t forget to take snacks or dinner with you. And take a lot of pictures for your memories.
  • Got to the movie theater to see the Tully with Charlize Theron. This movie is mostly for mothers, but in my opinion, it is necessary to watch for young couples who are about to start growing their family. For husbands to check whether they give enough support to their wives. For nannies, so they know how much they are needed and that it is ok to go the extra mile in helping free of charge. If you see this movie, please share your thoughts in comments. I would love to know if this movie connects with you.
  • Food to savor: Shakshouka is my healthy quick and easy saver. When I don’t have much time but want something healthy, I always go for Shakshouka. Dessert was store bought churros. Yep, even bloggers are buying store bought desserts!
  • Food for brains: The Power of Moments is a great article to read and rethink of the lifetime moments we had in the past and create in the present.
  • If you celebrate Cinco de Mayo here is the 5 Easy Cinco de Mayo Recipes collection for the last minute planning.

That is it for now. See you next Friday.

Have some fun this weekend. Spring is nearly over so enjoy every day of this short season.

And Happy Cinco de Mayo 🎉🎉🎉

Lots of Love,