Weekend things to do and thoughts to share is a post where I share my weekly highlights. I hope you will find here some inspiration and new ideas how to spend your weekend, day-off or a date night. I also share some useful information to make our lives better, healthier and filled with fun and happiness. And always feel free to share your ideas in the comment section. Let’s make our weekends more fun, relaxed and inspirational.

Blooming tree. This picture is a part of Weekend Planner Things To Do post from The Pure Taste Blog.

Photo by TOMOKO UJI on Unsplash


Hello, my friends,

Spring has finally arrived in MA and made my head spin around.

We all waited for so long for the warm weather, din’t we? Once it hit MA, I planned my weekend like crazy, and that did not end up well 😐.

I felt like I’ve been in the cage for so many days and finally, someone let me out. I wanted to do EVERYTHING. So I broke my own rule of slow living and enjoying the moments of life.

The intentions and the things I planned to do over the weekend were great. Planning and timing could have been better.

My two days-offs were:

Day 1:

Bought new phones. -> Had haircut. -> Checked out new Mediterranean Café. -> Had a long walk in Arboretum to see the first bloom. -> Went back to sprint store for file transfers. -> Did grocery + some personal shopping. -> Came home exhausted.

Should have stopped here and realized how fast of the rhythm I created but nooooo.

Day 2:

Went to the flea market and bought one sad thing. -> Stopped at Aldi store to buy lots of chocolates. -> Went for a walk in Plymouth Downtown. -> Had an oceanfront picnic. -> Had a long walk on a Plymouth beach. -> Did the rest of grocery shopping. -> Came home SUPER exhausted.

In two days I crossed five things from the 21 Romantic And Inspiring Things To Do In Spring. Ironically, not proud of it.

Then Monday came, and I couldn’t move a single muscle. I’m an early bird and wake up around 6 am every day. That day every time I opened my eyes the next moment I was asleep again. I was freakishly tired from the weekend.

Somehow managed to get up. Strong coffee woke up some senses, not all of them. For about an hour was drifting around, doing nothing. Finally made a deal with myself to do two things from my work list, and then take time to recover from the weekend.

Homemade salsa, chicken nachos, my favorite Leffe beer and Barcelona VS Roma soccer game made it all better. What a game! Life is full of surprises and Roma proved it.

So instead of two days, I needed an extra half a day off to recover from “rest.” Feel so old writing these words! It is what it is. The rhythm changes with age and I kind of like it. Low and slow is my thing.

Anyways, below are places I visited over the weekend. Despite my all crying above I do recommend all the places and activities. Just don’t finish them in two days.

Weekend Things to Do:

  1. Visit Arnold Arboretum or your local botanical garden. Some trees are waking up here in MA. While the others are still waiting for warmer days.
  2. Check out new Café Landwer. Still, haven’t made my mind about it. Something is missing in this place. The food is good, but the soul isn’t there.
  3. Visit Raynham Flea Market or Thrift shop. As mentioned in Spring Things to do spring is the best time for treasure hunting.
  4. Go for a long walk near the water. The chilly water breeze is the best thing to clear your lungs and brains after the heating season.
  5. While you there have a romantic waterfront picnic. Make delicious Muffuletta sandwich, grab a coffee, fruits, and sweets and enjoy every single moment.
  6. Movie to watch: North Country with Charlize Theron. There will be a time when men, even some women will realize how strong and smart women are. We are not there yet, but moving toward it. Meanwhile, try not to give up in personal or public fights you are having.
  7. Food for the brain: Last week was the Earth Day. I grow up on a farm and nature is an integral part of me. In modern life, it is impossible to be 100% nature But small things are making a BIG impact. Please read this 50 Ways to Help the Planet – Save Our Environment and Planet Earth. And be respectful to Mother Nature who supports us. #17 is definitely something my husband wants to take advantage of.
  8. Food to savor: Rotisserie Chicken Nachos + cold beer or Margarita + fav show or game = good time. Polish it with Luscious Tres Leches Cake. Getting ready for Cinco de Mayo. How about you?
  9. For your convenience, there is a FREE PDF E-BOOK with 5 Easy Cinco de Mayo Recipes.

That is it for now. Even my list sounds and looks busy 😊

Be present and enjoy one thing at a time! Don’t let the rush to take over the precious life moments.

Have the most inspiring and relaxing weekend, my friends.

Lots of love,